Who Is Eligible?

All unemployed British Columbians who are eligible to work in B.C. can access services.

Each WorkBC Employment Services Centre works to ensure that everyone – including immigrants, youth, Aboriginal Peoples, Francophones, persons with disabilities and people living in rural and remote areas – has access to the same supports and services no matter where they live in the province, so they can get back to work quickly.

Categories of Clients

For the purpose of determining eligibility for services where there are specific funder requirements, there are three categories of clients.

* Employment Insurance (EI) Clients
* BC Employment and Assistance (BCEA) Clients
* General Clients (those who are neither EI nor BCEA Clients)

What Services Are Available?

WorkBC Employment Services Centres' integrated services and supports include:

* job search resources
* personal employment planning
* workshops and training
* specialized services

Trained staff will work with you to determine the services and supports that will help you find success in your job search.

Job search resources

Each WorkBC Employment Services Centre has resources and tools available to support your job search, including:

* computer workstations
* public telephones
* fax machine
* photocopy services
* Personal employment planning

If you need additional help getting started on your job search, staff at the centres can help you build your personal employment plan. This plan will identify what you will need to find a job, and will lay out the steps to help you get there.

Workshops and training

Each WorkBC Employment Services Centre holds regular workshops for people interested in finding out more about getting ready for work and finding a job.
For some people, depending on their needs and eligibility, short- or longer-term training may be needed to build the skills necessary for finding a job.
Staff will help you determine the workshops or training that will be most helpful to you.

Specialized services

If you are having trouble finding work because you live in a remote area; or if you have a disability, language or cultural barrier; or for any other reason, your local WorkBC Employment Services Centre will provide alternative service arrangements that can help you.

Kitimat Community Services Society
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Please be aware that Kitimat WorkBC in not a placement agency.